Thursday, September 23, 2010

Writers of the Future Now Available as an eBook

I received word from Galaxy Press that Writers of the Future Volume XXVI is now available in the iBookstore and on Kindle. The Barnes & Noble ebook store and Sony ebook reader are soon to follow.

I'd been wondering about that since I saw Amazon had the electronic version listed and it wasn't for pre-order like the paperback version.

The paperback should be out on October 19th according to Amazon.


  1. Dear Ms Tom,

    Congrats on your Gold Award. From the two small reviews I read, it was well deserved.

    I have a small request, feel free to reject it. I am a member in the writers workshop 'Hatrack'. We throw a small and friendly competition every year and the winner receives a copy of the latest WotF edition. Two of our members are authors (Adam Colston and Brad Torgenson) in the latest book. They are autographing the book for us. I was wondering if you would also be willing to grace its pages with your own signature. I will compensate you for your trouble. What do you say Ms Tom's? Getting the champs signature would be sweet for the winner of our in house writing contest.

    If this sounds okay to you, could you be so kind to drop Adam or Brad a line? Just tell 'em snapper sent you.

    Thanks for your time...

  2. Hi snapper,

    I'm aware of the contest in the Hatrack group and was flattered to see my story title used as a writing prompt! I'll send you a mail.