Monday, March 9, 2015

"Even the Mountains Are Not Forever" available in Strange Horizons

If you missed it, my latest short story "Even the Mountains Are Not Forever" went up at Strange Horizons last week. This is one of the first markets I ever submitted to, and I'm happy to have sold a story to them. Anaea Lay also narrated a podcast version of the story. (My first podcast, yay!)

As if last week couldn't be better, io9 selected "Even the Mountains" as one of the best stories published in the week of March 1-7. Considering the first week of the month is when most issues go live, I'm incredibly thrilled and it was a great way to cap off the week.

The concept for "Even the Mountains" is something that I was knocking about my head since I was a scrubby young writer, though it wasn't until last year that I put it in written form. It was a very early idea I had, something that I was going to write years before I decided that I was going to be stubborn about submitting stuff to magazines, and I'm kind of glad that I didn't write it back then, because it would have been much different.

Now that I take the time to count out how long its been, I came up with the original idea some eighteen years ago, and the me of the past would not have make the choices I did when I finally wrote it this last year.

But that's the fun part, and I think it's a better story for the time that it took.