Monday, February 20, 2017

RPG/VN Talk Index

Since I've written quite a few RPG and VN Talk entries I decided to set up an index at the top of the page so it's easy to find them all.

My series is basically me discussing the plot of a particular RPG or visual novel irrespective of the game's non-story related qualities, so I talk about foreshadowing, motivation, pacing, etc. Why did this work? What were the writers trying for? What was attractive/unattractive about the characters?

In theory, it could be a terrible game and I'll still talk glowingly about the story, because the purpose of the talk isn't to discuss the mechanics. In most cases I won't even mention them.

But I'll only discuss games I finished, so if the mechanics are so bad I don't, then it'll never be posted here.

My talks deal with the entire plot, including the ending, so there are spoilers abound, though I usually will not flag that unless I'm discussing a game that's been released within a few months of my post. Because I'm a game hoarder it's not uncommon that I buy more than I can play and unless it's a part of one of my favorites series it's unlikely I'll play close to release day.