Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome to the Rebirth of the Rat's Den

The Rat's Den was my old writer web site. It's not back in presentable shape, but upon the advice of one Jordan Lapp I have at least set up a web presence, which is important when one is the winner of a prestigeous award.

It's difficult to explain everything in a single beginning blog post, at its simplest level I am a fantasy and science fiction writer and this past Saturday I recently won the the grand prize to the annual Writers of the Future contest. WotF is intended for the amateur writer who may have the talent, but lack the professional credits to establish themselves. The contest is extremely well regarded, and the combined prize money for winning the grand prize is more substantial than some authors receive for their first novel.

I'm afraid I sound very frank in this opening post, with none of the emotion that should have come from winning such a momentous award, but I really just wanted to write this to get the blog started. I've listed my fellow WotF Winners in my blog sidebar. If you somehow manage to stublem across my blog at this early date, please go visit my fellow winners as well.

We were all there together, and it was a experience I wanted to soak up for all it was worth. I don't normally stay up to 2 or 3 in the morning, but I did, because these guys were all a class act, I wanted to hang out with them, and I knew I would miss them once the workshop was over. I already do.

And if you're reading this, guys, what Tom said was right. We gotta take over the world!