Sunday, October 2, 2011

Upcoming Travels

October's a busy month for me. Fortunately the day job is winding down so I should be able to take a vacation soon. First up is a wedding, second is BlizzCon, and third is the World Fantasy Convention.

BlizzCon is purely for fun since I'm a World of warcraft player and I'll be attending with a few of my guildies. If you happen to going and would like to meet up, I'd be happy to do so, though I'm not there in any writerly capacity (though if Blizzard is looking for another writer for their books I'd be happy to talk about it!).

I mostly plan on being a fan that weekend and soak up all the WoW and Diablo III news I can. Oh, and attend the Foo Fighters concert that closes out the con. I just hope my ears will be able to take the screaming.

WFC will be my first major spec fic convention and I hope to meet a lot of fellow writers I've only met on forums up until this point, as well as a few familiar faces from Writers of the Future. Again, I'll be happy to meet up sometime. From my understanding, WFC is on the small side since the number of attendees is restricted, so it shouldn't be difficult for find people.

After that, in November I plan to be at LosCon, the local LA convention, again. I'm really more of a stay-at-home type, so this is mind-bogglingly busy for me.


  1. I hope WFC is all that it's been promised to be. I am sorry I won't be there. I just ran out of money, and frankly, time. Too many previous events racked up earlier in 2011. I am glad we're both planning on Chicon 7, though. That should be a -lot- of fun, getting to play Writer Children to the GOH. When you're done, we'll have to compare experiences: WorldCon vs. WFC. We've both heard the pros and cons, from both sides. I hope Eric is right.

  2. I'll definitely let you know how it goes. I'm hoping to see Eric there, and Tim as well. And this looks to be the first convention where I'll get to meet a lot of the Codex folks.

    I'm just concerned I'll end up being to shy to meet people. It's always difficult giving myself that extra push.