Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Picture of the Gold Award Winners

John Goodwin of Galaxy Press, the publisher of the Writers of the Future anthologies, was kind enough to pass on today's copy of the daily Publisher's Weekly newletter. They have a picture of the day at the bottom and I'm in it!

I'm in the middle with the red dress. Makes me easy to find, doesn't it!

I remember having to go up and pose for photos after the ceremony was over, but at the time I had no idea where or if I would ever see those photos. I'm relieved at how well it turned out. I was in make-up for three hours the afternoon leading up to the ceremony, and I didn't get a good look at my overall appearance because I was in such a hurry that I was about to miss the photo shoot if I didn't get dressed! As it was, I missed the opportunity for an interview because I was tied up so long. (I'm sorry!)

Standing with me in the photo are Ron Lindahn, illustrator judge; June Scobee Rodgers, our keynote speaker (her speech had me in tears!); Gunhild Jacobs of Galaxy Press; Seth J. Rowanwood, the Gold Award winner for the illustrators (he has the most awesome business cards!); John Goodwin, president of Galaxy Press; Joni Labaqui, our extremely helpful contest director; Martin Kove, one of the actors who helped present the awards; and K. D. Wentworth, who is probably best known to aspiring writers as the coordinating judge of the Writers of the Future contest.

All entries go through K. D. first, and she was kind enough to pass mine on for further judging. If she hadn't enjoyed "Living Rooms" I wouldn't be where I am now!